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Welcome To Our Company

"Ice Dreams" -- Local thermostatic cold compress therapeutic apparatus

Performances & Features

1. Constant temperature control

2. Pulse pressure-charging

3. Particular anti-condensation design

4. Real-time temperature curve printing

5. Intelligent automatic water replenishment 

6. Continuous and intermittent working modes

Clinical Applications

1. The device is widely used for physical cooling in patients with encephalitisencephaledemaencephalorrhagia, intracranial hypertensionCardiopulmonary Resuscitation therapyhyperpyretic convulsion or center hyperpyrexia.

2. The device is especially used for the mild hypothermia therapy in the craniocerebral injury and pre/post-operations

3. The device is mainly used for the mild hypothermia therapies in clinical departments such as Neurology, neurosurgery, emergency department, respiratory department, hematology department, oncology department, ICU, infectious disease department, internal medicine, surgery department, pediatrics and so on.

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