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Welcome To Our Company

"Ice Wings" -- Intelligent Cold Therapy System

Performances & Features

1. Small,light and portable

2. The device in use can be hung on the head of the bed 


1. The device is indicated for reducing preoperative inflammation, swelling and pain in patients to shorten the waiting time.

2. The device is suitable to be used in avoiding or reducing the complications such as bleeding, inflammation, pain and muscular spasm to advance the time of function training and promote postoperative recovery.

3. The device may be used for the adjuvant treatment of the acute contusion and early acute infection of the soft tissue, acute arthritis, tenositisbursitis, residual limb painmuscular spasm, neurodynia and the patients with subcutaneous hemorrhage

4. The device is suitable for the patients in postoperative recovery period to maintain the muscle strength and shorten the recovery time.

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