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"Cruiser"--CO2 Intelligent Laser microscope


The micro-laser surgery is usually used for the clinical treatments of laryngology such as vocal polyp, vocal cord edema, bilateral vocal cord paralysis, papillary epithelioma, laryngeal keratosis, laryngostenosis, early laryngeal cancer and so on, as well as the clinical therapies of otology such as otosclerosis, laser hole drilling of secretory otitis media and so on.

Otology: Stapes drilling or stapedotomy, secretory otitis media, pseudocyst of auricle and papilloma of external auditory canal

Pharyngology: tonsillectomy, laser coagulation of lymphatic follicle in posterior pharynx, nasopharynx cancer and oropharyngeal tumor.

Laryngology: vocal polyp, vocal leukoplakia, vocal cord cancer and vocal cord benign lesions

Technical advantages

1. The laser tube is made by quartz and the laser cavity is plated infrared total reflection film to obtain a small output laser spot whose minimum focal spot is less than 100 micron

2. High laser cutting precision with low heat consumption 

3. The indication light and laser are transmitted coaxially to guarantee focus on the same point.

4. The enlarged the laser gas storage and particular rigid packaging ensure the service life and heat stability of laser.

5. Be equipped with medical high-frequency laser power source with short ultra-pulse cutting time to bringing about the carbon-free surgery effect.

6. Be equipped with scalable CO2 laser optical fibers

 Clinical advantages

1. Non-contact and minimally invasive

2. Good hemostatic effect

3. High surgical precision

4. Clear surgical fields without mechanical damage

5. Low recurrence and metastasis rates

6. Simple and safe operation with low labor intensity

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